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First Hive Inspection of 2024!

In this post, I share the details of my first hive inspection of 2024. I'm pleased to report that both colonies survived the winter, and I outline the steps I took to clean and inspect the hives. Highlighting the importance of resource management and pest prevention, I look forward to the upcoming spring season with optimism.

Managing Varroa Mites: Testing and Treating Your Beehives

In the ever-buzzing world of beekeeping, the health of your beloved colony is paramount. Varroa mites are a common concern among beekeepers, and it's crucial to keep these tiny pests in check. In this blog post, I'll take you through my recent hive inspection and the steps I took to test for and treat varroa mites, including the use of Oxalic Acid Vapor (OAV) treatment. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of beekeeping care.

Buzzing Hive Inspection Report

It's time for another hive inspection report, and today we delve into the fascinating world of one of my beehives. Join me as we explore the bustling activities within this colony and discuss the progress they've made. So grab your beekeeping gear and let's dive in!

My First Year Beekeeping (2022)

Beekeeping classes had me buzzing with excitement! From reading books and joining a local beekeeping club to installing my first hives, "Gage" and "Gracie," my journey began. Amidst bee inspections, honey harvests, and battles with pests like hive beetles and varroa mites, the sweet taste of success was met with the bitter sting of loss. I look forward to a new year of beekeeping adventures and improved strategies for my beloved colonies. 🐝🍯